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A market reference for compact tractors, the STW series combines versatility and reliability. With an unequalled size/power ratio, the hydrostatic tractors of the STW range are the most productive in their category and are available with cab or ROPS in 34, 37 or 40 HP.


Leading edge design: The design and manufacture of the STW allows you to benefit from the same high performance, year after year. Agile and easy to handle, it will assist you in completing all your tasks with speed, without over consumption or damage to soil surfaces.

Fully equipped: Thanks to the proportional throttle you simultaneously control the speed of the tractor and the engine speed giving you maximum comfort and fuel economy. Equally fitted with a notch-type cruise control lever, an independent PTO and an exclusive bi-speed turning system, these tractors will ease your daily life.


Cab comfort: The 4-pillar design factory-equipped cab provides 360° visibility and ultra-low noise levels. The cabs feature air conditioning and heating for comfortable working conditions throughout the year.


Efficient mowing and clipping collection: The STW facilitates green space maintenance by combining an independent ventral PTO and large capacity latest generation turbine clipping collection, whether at ground level or elevated

Kubota STW

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