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L1/MK Utility SERIE


Robust and fitted with high quality equipment, the L1/MK-series Utility tractors adapt perfectly to your needs. Fitted with a powerful diesel engine, robust drivetrain (gear shift or hydrostatic transmission) and with a higher lifting capacity, this series offers an unbeatable cost/quality ratio.


Modern powerful engines: Fitted with Kubota diesel E-TVCS technology engines, these respect all the emissions standards in force, and allow you to carry out any task with ease. Furthermore, the wide range of engines (36/41/50 HP) lets you select the model best suited to your needs.


Precise and efficient: Thanks to an ingenious servo-hydraulic mechanism, these Utility tractors flexibly react to the slightest pressure on the foot pedal. The gear shift transmission, fitted with a synchronised reverse shuttle allows highly efficient working with a front loader. While the Three-Range HST hydrostatic transmission offers unequalled responsiveness.


Easy maintenance: These tractors are designed to ease all daily maintenance tasks, providing easily accessed filters, radiators, grease nipples, etc.

Everything is designed for immediate access to each element of the tractor, and as proof, is fitted with a wide-opening one-piece bonnet.


Ideal for front loader or rear hoe work: All Kubota Utility tractors provide loaders and hoes with a fast hitch/unhitch system. They easily handle numerous attachments (buckets, grapples, fork-lifts, etc.) all of which are easily fitted without tools.

Kubota L1/MK Utility

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