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Kubota robot mowers are designed for users who demand quality.
There are several models available, ranging from 5,000 to 20,000m² mowing area capacity. The Kubota robot can easily cover large areas and each model is designed to handle gradients of up to 45%.


A durable, high-quality mower
The robot’s high on-board energy source provides optimal battery life, with uninterrupted mowing cycles that last up to 11 hours. Mowing times are optimised thanks to less frequent charging, leaving you more time to enjoy your lawn.


Professional performance
Kubota robot mowers offer maximum cutting power for a quick and professional mow. Stainless steel blades ensure a precise cut in all weather conditions. The extra-thin regular cutting blades keep your lawn healthy while helping to cut down on fertiliser use.


Intelligence and efficiency

Thanks to its GPS positioning system, the robot remembers the areas it has already mowed and avoids covering the same spot more than once. With its in-built smart partition cutting program, the robot memorises a virtual map of the area to be mowed, including potential obstacles. The robot can therefore recognise if it’s working on an area that has not been mown recently and adapt its settings to achieve a homogeneous cut.

Kubota KR Robot

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