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The BX subcompact tractor range is ideal for all your jobs: mowing, transportation, tilling, front loader use. A trailblazer in the design of compact mower tractors, Kubota combines the performance of a tractor with the precision and flexibility of a mower. Extremely easy to use, its ergonomics have been carefully designed to provide comfort for the operator.


Designed to make life easier: For mowing large areas in complete safety, the multi-position cruise control keeps the speed constant without having to keep your foot on the throttle.

A modern design: This new series features a sleek modern design that renders its use even more agreeable.


Versatile tractors: Two rear double acting spool valves are standard and deliver all the hydraulic power and flexibility needed to power a multitude of accessories. Moreover, Kubota offers numerous dedicated ones: mower deck, clipping catchers, front loader options and soil tilling implement.

Kubota BX Series

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